Fitted Sheets, Matching Pillow Cases & Mattress Protectors for Electric Adjustable Beds

Top-quality fitted sheets, pillow cases and mattress protectors for electric adjustable beds.

All sizes: 2ft-3" (70cm); 2ft-6” (75cm); 2ft-8” (80cm); 3ft (90cm); 3ft-3” (100cm); 3ft-6” (107cm); 4ft (120cm); 4ft-6” (137cm) to 5ft (150cm).

Suitable for single, double, twin beds and dual-action double beds.

Our fitted sheets are fully-elasticated down both sides and across each end. They have an extra-deep 13” (33cm) "box shape", which pulls right down over the mattress sides and draws tight under the mattress.

This attention to detail ensures each sheet fits snugly around and underneath the mattress and does not 'ping off' when the bed head and foot ends are adjusted.

Poly-cotton fitted sheets & matching pillow cases

Eqyptian cotton fitted sheets & matching pillow cases

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The Lifestyle Quilted Waterproof Mattress Protector

Adjustacare Waterproof Mattress Cover

Hospital Quality Waterproof Mattress Protector

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