Handy Tips

Tip 1

Most electric adjustable bed mattresses are 200cm (6ft-6in) long - a little bit longer than mattresses for static or flat beds. Some electric bed mattresses are 190cm (6ft-3in) long, but this is unusual. So, take care to measure your mattresses carefully before placing an order. Our 200cm-long sheets will fit over a 190cm-long mattress, any size overlap will be taken up by the sheet's elasticated hem. We can make 190cm long sheets (for 6ft 3 inch mattresses) and 210cm long sheets (for 7ft mattresses) to special order. Any questions? Phone Neal 01995 606726.

Tip 2

Raise your bed head and leg sections before you fit a sheet over the mattress corners - much easier than kneeling awkwardly on the bed and trying to stretch the sheet over a flat mattress.

Tip 3


Please wash your sheets first, before using them.
This will help prevent the occurrence of abrasion (pilling or bobbling).
Frequent washing (say, once a week) will also help prevent abrasion.
To minimise colour fade over time, always use a mild, colourfast, non-biological detergent. Avoid washing at more than 40 degrees.
If you plan to tumble dry your sheets, do so at a LOW heat (55 deg. Maximum).
If you plan to iron your (non-iron) sheets, do so at a COOL setting (110 deg. Max).
High settings on your tumble dryer or iron can damage the polyester threads.